Her childhood
needs hope.
Her childhood
needs you.

Save the Children works every day, all around the world, to make sure every child grows up healthy, learning and safe. When crisis strikes, and children are at their most vulnerable, we are among the first to respond and last to leave. We do whatever it takes to help children survive and thrive.

Because every last child deserves a future – and your support can give them one. Scroll to find easy ways you can make a change for children in need.

A healthy start in life shouldn’t be considered a luxury.

Nearly 5.9 million children die every year from preventable and treatable causes. Another 50 million are underweight. Our gift catalog includes everything from emergency food packs to goats.

So today, give the gift of health. Nourishment. And life.

There are many ways to make change

Choose a way to give

It’s not all about cash donations. Making change for children in need could be as simple as shopping online, taking a survey or going for a run.

Find other ways to give.

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